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Graham Hatfull, PhD

Dr. Graham Hatfull


Fax: 412-624-4870
376 Crawford Hall
Fifth and Ruskin Avenues


Postdoctoral, Yale University and MRC (LMB) Cambridge (UK)

PhD in Molecular Biology, University of Edinburgh (Scotland)

BSc (Hons.) in Biological Sciences, University of London (UK)

Academic Affiliation(s)

Professor, Department of Biological Sciences

Eberly Family Professor of Biotechnology

HHMI Professor

Member, Molecular Virology and Microbiology Graduate Program


Dr. Hatfull’s research focuses on the molecular genetics of the mycobacteria and their bacteriophages. These studies take advantage of the intimacy of phage-host interactions to gain insights into the genetics and physiology of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the causative agent of human TB.  Through integrated research-education programs such as the PHIRE and SEA-PHAGES programs, the large collection of completely sequenced mycobacteriophage genomes provides insights into viral diversity and evolution, and represents a rich toolbox of new approaches to understanding M. tuberculosis.  Development of vector systems, selectable markers, recombineering approaches, expression tools, and insights into mycobacterial biofilms reflect some of the useful applications of this genomic resource.

Lab Personnel

Pallavi Ghosh – Research Assistant Professor
Welkin Pope - Research Assistant Professor
Gregory Broussard – Postdoc
Rebekah Dedrick – Postdoc
Shweta Singh – Postdoc
Deborah Jacobs-Sera – HHMI Coordinator
Daniel Russell – Lab Instructor
Lauren Oldfield – Grad Student
Valerie Villanueva – Grad Student
Ching-Chung Ko – Grad Student
Bryce Lunt – Grad Student
Carlos Guerrero – Staff
Zaritza Petrova – Staff
Charles Bowman – Staff
Crystal Petrone – Staff
Michelle Boyle – GSPH Student
Kathleen Pulice – Undergrad
Kate Rochenbach – Undergrad
Zane Foster – Undergrad
Enoch Tse – Undergrad
Abigail McPherson – Undergrad
Emilee Shine – Undergrad
Victoria Schneider – Undergrad
Phil Williams – Undergrad
Alexandra Cathcart – Undergrad
Terence Parker – Undergrad
Michael Ward – Undergrad
Forrest Guilfoile – Undergrad
Matthew Olm - Undergrad

Areas of Interest

Mycobacteria; bacteriophages; tuberculosis; genomics


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