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Antimicrobial Therapeutics and Drug Discovery

The discovery and clinical implementation of antimicrobial agents has transformed the practice of modern medicine. Antibiotics, antivirals and vaccines have reduced or eliminated the threat of many infectious agents. However, the rise of drug-resistant microbes represents one of the most critical public health challenges of our time. MVM research laboratories are actively engaged in research efforts to identify new and more effective approaches to antimicrobial agents. Specific research areas related to this effort include:

  • Validation of V. cholera protein targets for antibiotic discovery
  • Discovery and development of small module inhibitors of HIV accessory proteins as a new therapeutic approach to HIV/AIDS
  • Identification of new drugs and vaccines to combat drug-resistant tuberculosis
  • Discovery and validation of novel inhibitors of HIV reverse transcriptase-associated RNase H with activitiy against drug-resistant HIV
  • Mechanisms of antiretroviral drug resistance in HIV/AIDS